Custom Pergola Kits

Every one of our freestanding and attached pergola kits is built to order according to your exact specifications.

Stunning elegance

Our pergolas are the perfect touch on any outdoor space!

Designed for the DIYer

If you can use a saw, you and a helper can install a Heartland Pergola in two days or less. Learn about installation

Watch this video to see why we have the best vinyl pergola kit on the market!

Custom Vinyl Pergola Kits

We don’t just sell perfectly square vinyl pergola kits. Every single size and configuration can be customized and is able to be easily trimmed in the field to your outdoor living space’s unique specifications. Simply ask for a quote that has the correct size (or one size longer) spans and you can make everything fit exactly as you want during the pergola’s installation. We will work with you to make sure your pergola is just how you imagined it!

There’s a reason so many homeowners are choosing to add a pergola to their backyards, to their patios, on their decks or near their pool. Not only do these structures provide shade, they add a lovely bit of architectural design to your outdoor living space without breaking the bank. At Heartland Pergolas, we provide a savvy homeowner with a vinyl pergola kit perfect for upgrading an outdoor space

There are a number of ways a patio pergola kit can be customized to match and enhance your landscape – just like a deck pergola kit can provide a great extension of your living space to the outdoors. Because Heartland Pergolas offers low maintenance, custom pergolas, our customers can be certain that their vinyl pergola kit will perfectly fit into any unique space. If you’re looking for an attached pergola kit, our expert designers can assist in crafting one that best fits onto your structure to provide great looks and shade.

While many vinyl pergola kits are designed to attach to a home or other structure, we can also create free-standing pergolas that will serve as a destination point in your landscape. Use it to create a defined space with an element of privacy or add plants for a garden-like setting.
For homeowners looking to add value to their home and function to their outdoor space, now is the perfect time to buy a custom pergola kit. Get the most out of your outdoor living space today.

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