What is on the inside of that vinyl pergola you always drive by? Vinyl pergola kit manufacturers have different approaches to sending out “complete units” to their customers. One of the biggest unknowns in the vinyl pergola market would be what’s on the inside. Does the company supply everything or do they just give you some vinyl on the outside and tell you to figure out the rest? What kind of pergola kit reinforcements will be protecting the people sitting underneath?

attached vinyl pergola kit on deck

Vinyl pergolas look great on the outside!

Which one is a better fit for you?

There are really two main directions for you to go.

1.The price effective route. Not everyone is interested or able to spend $7,000+ on a vinyl pergola. So they buy a vinyl-only pergola with no internal reinforcements and go acquire some treated wood from a local lumberyard. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this method – just don’t expect this to be a long-term pergola or one that can easily acquire a permit for the job. You’re typically buying some vinyl posts and roof profiles… and then figuring out the rest for yourself. If there are any wind or snow damages in the future your manufacturer is off the hook because you were the one that bought the reinforcements!

2. The quality route. People don’t want to maintain their pergola or have any necessary repairs. These people would like to know what is on the inside of their kit. This is the type of person who wants to ensure the system is engineered and all materials have a lifetime warranty. They are going to put their family and friends under this structure for the coming years and intend to act accordingly.

What should my vinyl pergola kit reinforcements look like?

At Heartland Pergolas we offer full-length, lifetime warrantied aluminum post stiffeners in all of our posts. We also have fully extruded aluminum that runs the full length of all structural profiles. DIY purchasers are comfortable putting together our pergola with the written guide and YouTube video series showing how everything is done. Pergola kit reinforcements are arguably the most important part of your project.

vinyl pergola kit interior aluminum post stiffener example

The vinyl pergola kit’s interior aluminum post stiffener ships out 10’6″ long

vinyl pergola kit interior roof profile reinforcement

All 2×6 or 2×8 roof profiles come with fully extruded full-length aluminum pieces inside

Our goal is a “one-and-done” installation for our customers. This means that once your project is complete we never hear from you again (we mean that in a good way!). A lot of our business is reliant on word-of-mouth and our positive reviews. Our small team of pergola-only professionals are designing, quoting and supporting the installation of pergolas every day of the year. This means you can tackle your pergola project with the same confidence of tasks you complete on a daily basis. You’ll receive a team member’s cell phone and direct help in any way you may need it!

Where to next?

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